STScI/CSWA Survey Results 1992-2003

compiled for the Web by Jennifer L. Hoffman
          This page compiles the results of the 1992 and 1999 STScI surveys and the 2003 CSWA survey of the gender distribution of astronomers at major U.S. research institutions. For statistics from other studies, see my Women in Astronomy Statistics page. The data presented here were collected and submitted by representatives of the institutions surveyed; 2003 data are current as of May 2003. We asked for numbers of men and women at the following career ranks: graduate student, postdoc, assistant professor (faculty), assistant professor (research), associate professor (faculty), associate professor (research), full professor (faculty), and full professor (research). In cases of combined physics and astronomy departments, we asked for data representing astronomers only. Decisions regarding precisely whom to include and how to classify them were made by the institutions themselves.
          I assisted Karen Kwitter and the CSWA in conducting the 2003 survey, compiling the responses, and analyzing the resulting data along with those from the previous surveys. Below are the raw data, along with links to their published reports. The 1992 and 1999 data were passed to me by the CSWA, and I present them here unchanged except for alphabetical rearrangement. I tabulated the 2003 data; in this table, "P" and "PA" represent physics and physics/astronomy departments, respectively. I also compiled the combined table, which shows the results of all three surveys sorted by institution. Here, I have added the numbers of "research" and "faculty" professors at each rank (again, these distinctions were made by the individual institutions) for simplicity of presentation and better statistics.

  List of surveyed institutions
  1992 data: HTML     Excel     PDF "A Snapshot Survey of Women in Astronomy",
Schreier 1992, Proc. Conf. Women in Astron.
  1999 data: HTML     Excel     PDF "The Status of Women in Astronomy",
Urry 2000, STATUS
  2003 data: HTML     Excel     PDF "Portrait of a Decade",
Hoffman & Urry 2004, STATUS
  Combined data, by institution:       HTML       Excel       PDF
~   Note: 2003 data and combined data have been updated as of 7/19/04.   ~

          I presented a poster reporting our preliminary findings at the Women in Astronomy II conference in Pasadena in June 2003. I am no longer sure that the breakdowns of the 1992 and 1999 data into "research" and "faculty" professors (to which I refer in the poster) are reliable; therefore, I have not publicized these breakdowns in the tables above.
          WiA II poster:       HTML       Postscript       PDF
          Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments about the 2003 survey or the analyses presented on this page.

  Women in Astronomy Statistics

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