Expanding Your Horizons 2005: Mapping the Solar System

Workshop leaders: Sukanya Chakrabarti, Amanda Heiderman, Jennifer Hoffman, Julia Kregenow,
Holly Maness, Bonnie Meinke, Ruth Murray-Clay, and Cassy VanOutryve

  Expanding Your Horizons national website
  EYH Mills College website
  Workshop outline by Jennifer Hoffman:     MS Word; PDF
  Handout for participants by Cassy VanOutryve:     MS Word; PDF
  Full-color planet image gallery by Ruth Murray-Clay:     PDF
  Planet information pages from STScI:   Fast Facts about the Solar System  

  Pacing out the Solar System and learning about the planets on the Mills College campus
  Mapping scale models
Photos by Jennifer Hoffman

  UCB Women in Astronomy Activities

March 21, 2005
jhoffman at astro.berkeley.edu