Expanding Your Horizons 2004 at Mills College:
Solar Astronomy Workshop

Workshop leaders: Liz Bartelt, Amanda Heiderman, Jennifer Hoffman,
Bonnie Meinke, Andréa Schmidt, and Cassy VanOutryve

  Expanding Your Horizons national website
  EYH Mills College website
  Workshop outline by Jennifer Hoffman:     MS Word; PDF
  Handout for participants by Cassy VanOutryve and Amanda Heiderman:     MS Word; PDF
  Solar longitude/latitude grid by Andréa Schmidt, for use with SOHO images:     Postscript; PDF

  Calculating the Sun's rotation period
  Making pinhole cameras, and our cool poster
  Solar observing
  Group photos
Photos by Liz Bartelt, Amanda Heiderman, Jennifer Hoffman, and Andréa Schmidt

  UCB Women in Astronomy Activities

May 26, 2004
jhoffman at astro.berkeley.edu