NGC 6164  



My research group currently consists of three Ph.D. students and three undergraduate research assistants. I also have several distinguished alumni.
Andrew Fullard, first-year Ph.D. student
Circumstellar Material in V367 Cygni
Leah Huk, Ph.D. x2016
Supernova Origins: Linking Core-Collapse Supernovae with Progenitors through Monte Carlo Modeling of Circumstellar Material
Manisha Shrestha, third-year Ph.D. student
Understanding the Relation of Progenitors and Supernovae through the Study of Circumstellar Material
Sierra Ashley, B.S. Physics x2016
Spectropolarimetry, Data Reduction, and Binary Stars
Colton Casados-Medve, B.S. Biochemistry x2016
Spectropolarimetric Analysis of Supernovae
Anterra Kennedy, B.S. Physics x2017
Polarization Modeling of β Lyrae
Shem Kikamaze, B.S. Engineering x2016
Polarization of Light from Massive Stars
Ryan Ninesling, B.S. Physics x2018  
Kathleen M. Geise, B.S. 2008
Stellar Atmospheres: A Computational Approach
Kathy obtained her master's and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Denver.
Jamie Lomax, Ph.D. 2013
The X-Ray and Spectropolarimetric View of Massive Binary Stars
Jamie is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oklahoma.
Michael Malatesta, B.S. 2012
Spectropolarimetry of V356 Sgr: Constraining the Distribution of the Circumstellar Material
Mike obtained his master's degree in astronomy at the University of Oklahoma.
Charee Peters, B.S. 2011
Celestial Explosions: Evidence for a Circumstellar Disk around the Type IIn SN 1997eg
Charee obtained her master's degree at Fisk University and is now a Ph.D. student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Sarah Wilson, B.S. Mathematics 2014
Polarized Emission Lines in β Lyrae