Report on the Women in Astronomy II Conference

and the Status of Women
in Physics and Astronomy at UC Berkeley

Presented to the UC Berkeley Astronomy Department by

Ximena Cid, Amanda Heiderman, Jennifer Hoffman, Liliana Lopez, Loraine Lundquist,
Brenda Matthews, Ruth Murray, Alice Shapley, and Cassandra VanOutryve

November 19, 2003

In the fall of 2003, the women from UC Berkeley who had attended the Women in Astronomy II: Ten Years Later conference at Caltech the previous summer gathered to report on the conference to the UC Berkeley astronomy department. In addition to sharing what we learned at WIA II, we also presented statistical and anecdotal data on the status of women within the UC Berkeley astronomy and physics departments and made recommendations as to how the local environment could be improved for women. Here we compile our results, our presentation, and other related information. We are grateful to Luisa Rebull at Caltech for allowing us to use many of the slides from her similar presentation, available on her women in science page.
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UC Berkeley Information:
  · Local event announcement
UCB Society for Women in the Physical Sciences report on the status of women
in the physics department, February 2003:
Executive summary (HTML)     Full report (MS Word)     Full report (PDF)
  · Representation of women in the UCB Astronomy Department (coming soon)
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